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Ways to Give

Strategic Giving FAQs

What is Planned Giving?
Planned giving allows you to support CWRU in a way that best suits your individual circumstances, through a variety of giving strategies. Many planned gifts require no payments while you are living; others may actually increase your income.  The goal of planned giving is to help you to achieve your charitable and financial goals as an important piece of your overall estate and financial planning.

Why make a planned gift?
A planned gift to CWRU enables you leave a permanent legacy that will support our mission to improve and enrich people's lives through education that dramatically engages our students and research that capitalizes on the power of collaboration.

How do I make a planned gift?
There are many ways to leave a legacy to CWRU. You can leave a bequest in your Will or Trust, or designate CWRU as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance policy, investment account, CD, or bank account. There are also gifts that give back to you by providing income for life and gifts that help you minimize income and estate taxes for you and your family.  

These are just some of many creative ways to support CWRU.

What is an IRA charitable rollover?  What are the benefits?  Can I make one?
An IRA Charitable rollover is a direct transfer of funds to CWRU from your individual retirement account. If you’re eligible to make one, it’s the most tax-efficient way to make a charitable gift. Here is a more detailed explanation and a sample letter you can complete and send to your IRA custodian or trustee.

What is a charitable gift annuity and how does it work? 
A charitable gift annuity is a gift to CWRU that pays you back by providing make your gift go further guaranteed lifetime income payments in exchange for your contribution.

What is a charitable remainder trust and how does it work?
A charitable remainder trust is a trust that benefits you or your beneficiaries as well as CWRU. Similar to a charitable gift annuity, the trust makes annuity payments in return for the gift to CWRU. 

How much do I need to establish a charitable gift annuity or a charitable trust?
Though the recommended amount is $20,000, CGAs may be established for less with a commitment to make additional gifts over time. 

Given the costs associated with creating a charitable trust and the ongoing administration expenses, it is not economically feasible to establish a charitable trust for less than $100,000.

What types of assets can I give to CWRU?
You can transfer appreciated stock or mutual funds or give online with a credit card. These are just a few of the ways you can give to CWRU.  

How do I make a gift of stock?
The university welcomes gifts of marketable securities such as stocks and bonds and also mutual funds. The Department of Advancement Services receives and liquidates marketable securities and offers the services of a staff member to discuss or confirm electronic delivery instructions with a donor’s broker. A donor should advise his/her broker of intent to gift securities to CWRU and then instruct the broker to call the Department of Advancement Services at 216.368.8552 or email for further instructions.

The Department of Advancement Services staff also can provide instructions for the transfer of physical stock certificates. Please call 216.368.8552 or email for assistance.

I would like to give CWRU [a painting, car, reference books, etc.]?  Can I do this?
We are occasionally offered gifts of personal property that are of value or scientific interest. Prior to accepting such a donation, we must find the proper place for gift. Please contact the Office of Strategic Giving for further information.

Can I give CWRU my house or a vacation home?
Yes, one of the ways you can do that is to transfer the real estate to CWRU today, but retain a life estate in the property. This allows you to continue to use and enjoy your home during your lifetime. Another option is to execute a transfer on death (TOD) deed. This type of deed provides that the property (or a portion of it) will pass directly to CWRU at your death.  

How much of my gift is tax deductible?
The amount of your income tax deductions depends on the type of gift you make to CWRU. For example, if you establish a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust, which pays income to you during your life, the full value of the amount you use to fund the gift is not deductible, as a portion will be returned to you. 

CWRU is a tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and a public charity under Sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(ii) of the Code.  Direct gifts to CWRU are tax deductible, though donors are encouraged to consult their own professional tax advisor.

Will CWRU draft my Will for me?
No, we are not authorized to practice law, but we can provide you with sample language for your attorney to leave a bequest to CWRU in your Will or Trust. The Office of Strategic Giving is able to help you complete the beneficiary designation form from your financial institution or insurance company. This is an easy and flexible way to leave your permanent legacy at CWRU. 

Can CWRU be Executor of my Estate?
We are not able to serve as Executor, but CWRU is able to serve as a Trustee of a charitable trust that benefits the University.

How will I be recognized for my planned gift to CWRU?
There are many ways that your support of CWRU may be acknowledged. All of our alumni and friends who make planned gifts to benefit CWRU receive a special commemorative gift and become members of our Luminary Society. An endowed fund established with the University will provided support for CWRU in your name in perpetuity. 

What if I prefer my gift to remain anonymous?
CWRU will respect the wishes of all donors who prefer to give without public recognition.  When you make the gift, you just need to let us know that you prefer to give anonymously.

Can I make my gift in honor or in memory of someone?
Of course; you just need to provide that information when making the gift.

How do I find out if my employer will match my gifts?
Many employers do match gifts to CWRU, here is link to see if you can make your gift go further. 

What is the legal name of CWRU?
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

What is the Federal Tax ID for CWRU?

What is the mailing address for gifts to CWRU?
Office of Advancement Services
Case Western Reserve University
10969 Cedar Avenue, 3rd Floor
Cleveland, OH 44106 -7035

How do I contact the Office of Strategic Giving?
You can call the main office number, 216.368.4460, or you can contact one of our professional staff members directly, by phone or email. We looked forward to working with you.